Wendy Park is the Courtney's new assistant and tag along on the Martin's journey. Wendy has an oddly co-dependent relationship with Courtney as her best friend,confidant,and boss.Wendy will do anything for Courtney if its holding her spit cup or lying to a former member of the military. The road trip, has made Wendy a bona-fide member of the Martin's Family.


Wendy is first seen as of she gives a note to the Martins saying her parents said the trip was ok. Not much was known about her till episode "Korea Opportunities" season 1 episode 8. It is she is of Korean descent and was a gymnastic slave.

Personality and descriptionEdit

Wendy wears a white buttoned down with a black sweater on top with a grey skirt. She wears under it black pantyhose and black shoes. She wears her hair in pigtails with red bows. She has black hair and brown eyes. Wendy will do anything for Courtney despite their age differences.


Wendy dated Connor.

She is from North Korea and was one of the lucky survivors of Kim Jong Un's Regime.