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You'd BETTER be keeping proper diet and fitness young man, or I will find you and FUCK YOU UP!!  You're probably wondering why I sound a little pissed off. You see boy, you have disobeyed my orders BIGTIME. You have still not released Episode 9 of SMBZ. Remember your orders to release it by the end of October 2010? Well guess fucking what? You have just surpassed your 16 month limit that you promised NOT TO BREAK. You dare even call yourself a human being after this shit? You ought to be ashamed of yourself.  By the way, my name isn't really Alexander John McGillvery. My real name is Robert Perrault. Alexander John McGillvery was a person I knew in school. I used to try and motivate him the same way I'm trying to motivate you, but Alex could not handle it. He would go home crying almost every day and had me reported several times. There was this one time he even got mad and tried to knock me out. After I was through with him, the EMTs had to rush him into the ICU emergency room. When Alex came out, he had scars and stitches across his face and running down his body. He transferred to another school afterward. This goes to show you don't try and hurt the people who are trying to help you with your life. I made DA accounts in his name in rememberance of that. Oh well. I have no sympathy for the weak.  Another thing. Divenity's plan to get me IP banned actually worked. Unfortunately for him, his efforts were all in vain. You see, having someone IP banned is rather pointless if they simply create a new account from a different IP location, such as the public library. Although I can no longer create accounts from my home, I am still going to be here on DeviantART until my message is carried out. Get over it fucktard, there is NOTHING you can do to get rid of me.  You had BEST square yourself away like a gentleman or I will kill you. If you don't do as I say, I will personally take a plane from Logan Airport to the nearest airport in the UK where you live. I'll track your address since your real name is Mark Haynes and your occupation is working as a kitchen porter/kitchen staff. If you don't humbly apologize for your disrespectful disobedience of my orders, I will take off my belt and whip you with it, watching you cry and wail like the fatass procrastinating good for nothing piece of shit that you are, and once I've decided I'm through toying with you, I will wrap the belt around your neck and squeeze it until you asphyxiate.  If there is anyone in Alvin's fanbase who has a problem with what I just said, YOU CAN JUST FUCKIN SUCK IT. I'm here to improve the quality of your lives as well as Alvin's, even though it involves making all of you my subordinates. I am doing the entire fanbase a favor by pushing Alvin to get SMBZ Episode 9 out as soon as possible. Together with my main man, Mark Haynes, I will go on to establish a world government based on SMBZ. Using the series, with the help of Alvin Earthworm, my right hand man, I will go on to build an all-powerful empire with absolute control over all peoples and nations of the entire world, using SMBZ to do so. The entire human race WILL kneel before me, Alvin, and SMBZ.  One more thing. A lot of you may believe that I'm just some cowardly little troll who won't do anything I said I was going to do. Let me point out that is complete and utter bullshit. Alvin had better be careful how he treats me, or he will pay the price. To prove I am NOT FUCKING AROUND, I am now giving out my real life physical address to all of you. I am going to reveal my home address as well as my work address. That's right ladies and gentlemen. Unlike what some of you think, I actually DO have a job, while some of you don't, which is terribly sad and pathetic, not to mention SUCKS TO BE YOU. Anyway, here is where you can find me at:  HOME ADDRESS Robert Perrault 259 Howard St Lawrence, MA 01841  WORK ADDRESS Olympia Sports 85 Main Street Stoneham, MA 02180  If anyone even dares show up at one of these two locations to try to hassle me, mark my words, they will suffer the same fate Alexander John McGillvery did, and by the time I am finished teaching them a lesson about how life works, they will forever hate their mothers for ever giving birth to them. You think I'm kidding? Just try and push me, and see what you get in return.  It was nice talking with you again my boy. Now get your lazy ass back to work on SMBZ, PRONTO!!!   P.S.  Alvin-Earthworm is my right hand man who needs to learn about self-discipline. Theloanwanderer216 is nothing but a dirty spic nigger. Wesker10 is a no good Neo-Nazi. Faerie-StarV is having her time of the month. Divenity is a sorry fool who tried to get rid of me, but failed. 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If you do not cooperate, you WILL face severe disciplinary action. Working together, we are going to push Alvin-Earthworm to finish the entire series of Super Mario Bros Z, ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!!!!! OMG U DICHEAD U OBVISLY DONT KNOW WHO MCR ARE! they are the most meaniful band ever ...some people even say that mcr SAVED their live.. singer gerard way has suffered depression and has thought of killing him slef sevral times but do u know what stoped him from doing that...his band so dont u dare go saing my chemcial romance is a band without any meaing at all...beacuse if this band wasnt here most kids with problems would of commited suidcue right now,, now to there lyrics THESE LYRICS HAVE MEANIGS!!! they're whole album 3 cheers for sweet revenge is about 5 guys..gerard mikey franke ray and bob songs such as im not okay and helena have alot of meanings behind them...[im not okay] alot of kids relate to this song..u feel like ur okay. but ur not, on the outside ur okay but on the inside you are not..its about kids getting picked you could of seen from the flim clip. [helena]...this song is about mikey and gerards grandma who passed away.. how could u say this song has no meaing 2 it..or that the lyrics do not make sense...[so long and goodnight, so long and goodnight] now u tell me what u think of that line,,, beause i kow it meas ALOT it coms from the heart