The Monster FrankenPooh is the 51st episode and 3rd episode of Season 3.

Piglet tell a story about a scientist, but Tigger keeps making it scary.


Tigger wants Piglet to tell a story about spookables and things that go shopping in the night. Piglet wants to tell a story about a not so scary story. Piglet wants it to happen in the day. Tigger the night. It's set in a castle... Tigger ends up telling the story because he's bored with how Piglet's telling the story. He makes Pooh bigger, until he is the size of an extremely large monster Frankenpooh. Tramping through the 100 Acre Woods for Hunny. Piglet wants the story to be not so scary, But Tigger makes the Pooh Monster "Quadrupidly as big". He almost bursts out of the frame, but the gang in the story go after the "mad" Doctor Von Piglet. And plan to boil him into tomato juice. And the real Piglet is scared. The gang tells him they aren't really angry with him. Piglet calms down as Rabbit tells him he should know the difference between real and make believe and Pooh says he should too, as he sits with a tiny hunny pot on his hand, still the size of Frankenpooh.


  • Running Gag:
  1. Pooh as monster who wants Honey.
  2. Tigger and Piglet have a likes and dislikes that they want to tell a Scary or Not so-Story story.
  3. Rabbit and Gopher never get a tell any stories.
  • When Pooh said to Tigger "I must have reached the end of the picture," he broke the Forth Wall.
  • Eeyore, Kanga, Roo and Christopher Robin were absent in this epsiode.
  • This episode was featured in Spookable Pooh.
  • The episode is an allusion to the 1931 movie Frankenstein.


  • (it's daylight in Piglet's story)

Piglet: Once upon a time...
Tigger: Say! It's the middle of broad daylight! Even a not-so-scary-scary story has to happen at night, ya know.
(the scene changes to night)
Piglet: Oh, but this one happens in the daytime.
(the scene changes over and over)
Tigger: Night!
Piglet: Day!
Tigger: Night!
Piglet: Day!
Tigger: Mornin'!
Piglet: Evening!
(the scene finalizes to night)
Piglet: Oh, dear.
Tigger: That's better. (laughs) Although a nice thunderstorm wouldn't hurt

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