&nbsp Plot:

At the life of Surbrans, Glenn (Kevin Nealon) is working at the dentist. But, he's having a problem trying to open Jesse's mouth. When he tried, Jesse bit Glenn's finger. Glenn went to Dr. Rudy's (Phil LaMarr) to fix his finger.

When he went home, he asked his daughter, Courtney (Jackie Clarke) to walk the dog, Canine, but she was busy. Then, he was checking on his son, Conor (Peter Oldring). Conor was working out on his exercise machine. Glenn told his wife, Jackie (Catherine O' Hara) is the day they gonna have sex. But, Jackie doesn't like having sex and she's busy doing power washing up the ceiling.

At the living room, Glenn looked at the magazine. He was shocked, because his childhood park, Singer Park is gonna be destoryed.

The next morning, he bought a RV and woke his family up. He told them that they are going to Singerville. When they packed their things, Courtney brought her assitant, Wendy Park (Judy Greer). They all began to go to Singerville, Glenn's RV accidently bumped the sign, it felled down to their house and set the it on fire.

During the drive, they stopped to fill some fuel at the Gas station. Then, Glenn tries to fix the wheel from his RV with a sealer. While they were driving, Glenn was on the phone being called by Omantro (Peter Oldring). He told Glenn that his house have burned down. The Martin family were sad and shocked. The RV wheel was broken and accidently drove to the Singerville's court by crashed the wall. They broked the law and the judge told Glenn must clean the town's teeth. Glenn was very sad, because he wanted to see his childhood tree from Singer Park. He had carved his initials into an tree where he had first fallen in love with both dentistry and Jackie.

His family will help Glenn to clean everyone's teeth. When they finished at 4pm, they rushed to Singer Park. But they were too late, all they see is the store "Mall Mart". Jackie told Glenn that his magazine was from 2003. But, he didn't know and he dragged them all away here. Jackie explains to him that it was all about Save the Tooth. The Martin family would like to go on a road trip all around America. Glenn's mistake was his childhood tree wasn't destroyed.


  • When you look at the magazine cover, you could see a picture of Michael Jackson and his wife.
  • This could be a pilot episode, because it tells how did the Martin Family started their first road trip.