The Popular Kids live at the Trailer Park. When

Conor, Courtney and Wendy made friends with them, they could see they look oler and cool. The Popular Kids were playing Truth or Dare with a TetherBall. They told a dare to Courtney to go Seven minutes in Heaven with Conor, but she told Wendy to kiss Conor. In Halloween Night, Conor and Wendy went to the woods to make out. The Popular Kids were there to make out, as well. Then, they ran away, because they thought Glenn is a werewolf. Including Conor, expect Wendy. The Popular Kids were start a Angry Mob with other people from the Trailer Park. They appeared in their first episode, The Boy cried Werewolf.

Profile of each Kids: (their names are unknown)Edit

Popular Kid #1:Edit

Gender: Male

Hair Colour: Blonde

Height: Small

Halloween Costume: Jack Sparrow

Popular Kid #2:Edit

Gender: Female

Hair Colour: Brown

Height: Meduim

Halloween Costume: Unknown

Popular Kid #3:Edit

Gender: Male

Hair Colour: Blonde

Height: Tall

Halloween Costume: Fire Officer