It's Christmas and the Martin Family went shopping at the Mall. They bought so many items. Glenn (Kevin Nealon) wanted to buy a pastery, but The Pastery Salesman (Peter Oldring) told him that he doesn't have a lot of money. Glenn was mad at his family, so he told them that they must get a job.

The next day, Courtney (Jackie Clarke) and Wendy (Judy Greer) heard that Boy Blitz, the boy band were at the mall for a concert. Conor (Peter Oldring) was going to work at the Candy Store, but he wanted to be a Mall Cop, after the Mall Cop caught the Candy Theifs. Jackie (Catherine O'Hara) worked at the Envriomnet Store, but she had a problem. So, she became a sexy seller like a stripper and a pole dancer. Conor felt don't like his job, because Mall Cops steal money from the water fountain. Courtney and Wendy went inside Boy Blitz's tour RV, and they found out about their truth.

Glenn became jealous, so he asked Trica, the manager of the Envrionment store to fire Jackie. Jackie came to have a word with Trica, but she's at the concert. The Manager of the Boy Blitz electric shocked Boy Blitz with collars. Courtney and Wendy stoled the remote from him and the girls set one band member free. He exited the mall and he got ran over by cars. Expect the two band members and the Manager set the one true band member out from the goo chamber.

Glenn tells the truth and apologizes to Jackie, she forgives him. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


(Last Lines)

Boy Blitz Singer: (singing) Ya messing my hair/ I'm running out of air/ You don't seem to care/ My life is unfair


What jobs did the Martin family get:

  • Glenn gets no job.
  • Jackie is a sexy stripper and a pole dancer at the Enrionment store.
  • Conor is a sercurity Mall cop.
  • Courtney and Wendy are the manager of their favourite boy band, Boy Blitz.
  • Canine is an Elf from Santa's Grotto.

This episode is a Christmas Special.

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