That night, the Martin family went to the cemertery to see their ancenstors. Jackie (Catherine O'Hara) always hated being a "House wife" thanks to Courtney (Jackie Clarke).

The next day, Jackie took Courtney to a store to find out about Jackie's past. It's about Goody Price: she was burnt to death for being a witch. And Courtney was shocking! Jackie droved to Salem.

Meanwhile, Conor (Peter Oldring) and Glenn (Kevin Nealon) decided to ride a boat, but unfortuney they were surrounded by a storm. Jackie meets a Priest who has a dead Owl and Courtney meets a boyfriend named Nicky. Jackie decided to trick people to believe she's a witch, except Wendy (Judy Greer). Conor and Glenn were shipwrecked to an island. Jackie, Courtney and Wendy went Goody Price's old home. Wendy showed jackie a secret room. Jackie found out a truth about Goody Price. She was a prositude, it's when she had sex with a other man in bed. Conor found a group of men from Kennedy Clan and he decided to join them.

Inside the Garbage, the Priest found out that Goody Price was a house wife. Glenn found Conor, and Conor was one of the Kennedy Clan. Glenn told him that they have to leave, but Conor doesn't want to go. They met an old Kennedy lady inside a Hamster ball. Courtney is talking in her speech at the witch museum. The Priest told everyone that Jackie was not a witch. Nicky decided to break up with Courtney and she was angry with Jackie. Glenn battles against a Kennedy man who is a robot.

At the exacution, the Priest decided to prove Jackie that she's a witch. The kennedy man was really going to kill Glenn. Glenn stabbed the man with a sword and he foung out that he was a machine. Conor plans Glenn to push the robot and being knocked over by Conor to fall in a pot of chowder to make him die. Jackie begans pretend to be a witch to the people. She is going to trick them to move a glass of water. But, a person makes a tornato to make it move. The people let Jackie go. But it was the real Goody Price and Jackie met her. Goody Price decided to do a witch scheme with the Priest.


  • Glenn: (being surrounded by the storm with Conor on a boat) At least we're not suckers!