Invasion of the Pooh Snatchers is the 69th episode and the 21st episode of Season 3.

Tigger thinks Pooh is snatched by a jagular, but Pooh is really visiting Piglet.


Tigger (Jim Cummings) is swinging into the lake! Pooh's (Jim Cummings) rather take a nap in the warm sun. Tigger says there are a gazillion things to do on a Spring day, like chasing a stripedy butterfly. But who knows what may be lurking in the bushes... Piglet (John Fiedler) emerges, adding to his very small collection of very small rocks. Tigger is worried about him saying it's days like today that they Jagulars are out collections of very small animals and Spring is their favorite time of year for springing out unexpectedly at collectibbibbiles. Piglet rushes off to his house until fall, Tigger's off to ward Pooh of the Jagulars. Pooh had woken up and leaves the sleepy spot. Tigger is horrified and thinks that Pooh had been collected by the Springing Jagular.

Pooh goes to Piglet's house - by way of the bedroom window. Piglet had furniture backed up against his door. Piglet tells Pooh that they have to rescue Tigger from the springing Jagular. Tigger is afraid, but feels he had to ward him friends, despite the danger. He goes to Rabbit (Ken Sansom) to ask him about Jagulars. Pooh and Piglet hear Tigger, but think he's a springing Jagular. He hears Piglet's knees knocking and thinks it's Jagular noisy type noise. Piglet and Pooh practice springing to spring on the Jagular first and spring into Gopher's (Michael Gough) tunnel. Gopher's upset - they might've hurt the floor, but he says he knows how to handle the springing whippersnapper.

Tigger finds Rabbit and tells him that Pooh's been collected. Rabbit goes to Piglet's house and is caught in the Jagular trap and is convinced that there are Jagulars on the prowl - otherwise why would Piglet make a trap? Rabbit decides to go back to the scene of the Pooh snatching to set some bait. Gopher's made a trap too. They plan to go to the water hole tonight: Piglet's to be the bait "Oh d-d-d dear" - and then they plan to grab the up-to-no-gooder! Rabbit decides to dress himself and Tigger as Pooh Bear to confuse the Jag. Anything for the Good as Pooh Bear Dom! Gopher and Tigger are there and Pooh's springing to catch the Jagular. They're all saved! The best thing, they were all rescued by each other. Those 'ol Jagulars don't have a chance!


  • This episode was featured from the VHS Winnie the Pooh Playtime: Detective Tigger
  • Eeyore, Owl, Kanga, Roo and Christopher Robin were absent in this episode.