Character StoryEdit

Hampster was a minor character on Glenn Martin DDS until the season 2 episode "Right up that ass"

"Right up that ass" AppearanceEdit

the episode featured The protagnist Glenn Martin and his kids in his RV. The kids were arguing and annoying Glenn. Glenn warned the kids multaple times to stop arguing but they were not stopping. Glenn then procedded to pull the RV over and teach the kids a lesson. He went into Connors room and pulled out his hampster. He then proceeded to shove the Hampster up his ass and for the next 28 minuates of the episode he tries to put it up his ass and the hampster keeps slipping out of his hand then the kids are crying and begging him to leave hampster alone. At the end of the episode glenn finally getting the hampster all the way up his ass is satisfied.


As a result of the stunt on the season 2 episode "Right up that ass" while he was enclosed in Glenn Martins anus the lack of clean air caused him to suffocate before the show was concluded. And he never ate a single cunt again.

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