The Martin family went to Mississipp

. When Jackie (Catherine O'Hara) bought a starfish T-shirt for Conor (Peter Oldring), he complains that he wanted a Sea horse T-shirt. Jackie feels like she doesn't know Conor at all. Glenn (Kevin Nealon) told his family that he used to be in the Amry, an Amry called D*U*S*H. He was a dentist in the Amry. The Martin Family went to Glenn's Sarge's funeral. Jackie told Conor that they could be bond by eating food. Glenn met his old amry buddies: I-Hawk, Jeresy Pete and Kiplinger (Michael Mckean, Phil LaMarr and Kevin Nealon). Courtney (Jackie Clarke) and Wendy (Judy Greer) began to open a Fortune Teller Business. Glenn went to an quiet night club with his old amry buddies, he found that they become rich by robbing casinos. He doesn't want to go through this.

Jackie and Conor decided to go to Parent/Child eating contest together. Courtney and Wendy's first customer is Eramus (Phil LaMarr). Wendy dressed as a Gypsy, she told Eramus' fortune that his poodle is dead. But, his poodle was alive. Eramus is so angry and puts the devil on Wendy. When Jackie and Conor went to Mark Twain's boat for the eating contest, their challenge to eat Shrimp. But, Jackie is allergic to shrimp and she asked Glenn to take over.

At the same time, Glenn does his mission to steal the lobal casino and does the eating contest with Conor. Glenn and his friends thought Sarge was dead, then Sarge stoled the lobal casino and hop to the helicopter. When Conor was eating shrimp, he couldn't breathe and his face was swollen. Courtney and Wendy asked Eramus to get the curse out off Wendy. Glenn says goodbye to his friends, they said that they were only tried to protected Glenn. The Martin family rushed to the RV and drive, because Eramus was chasing after Courtney and Wendy for funny business with a parrot.


  • We learnt that Jackie and Conor are allergic to shrimp.
  • This is the first episode of Season 2.
  • Those are list of Glenn Martin DDS Characters have returned in this episode:
  1. Eramus from The Boy cried Werewolf.
  2. Red Devil from Pageant and Band of Old. He's in the cameo inside Wendy's body.
  3. Mr. Cho from Korea Opportunities. He's in the cameo in Glenn's dream, Mr. Cho was in the background playing the violin.
  4. Glenn's mother from Florida Keys. She's at Glenn's dream. She's being held by an Indian Elephant and she doesn't speak in this episode.
  • It's has a new opening theme at the beinging of this episode.