The Martin family were doing a family's food competion being tasted by the Texas Mayor. Wendy (Judy Greer) feels like that she never get to help the Martins. Meanwhile when Conor (Peter Oldring) said to the Texas Girls that they are hot, they bullied him by making him proof to touch the hot BBQ food. He was angry went to his bedroom, when he threw something at his CD player, he found a hobby by dancing.

Later that night, the Martin family went to the Football stadium to watch. Glenn (Kevin Nealon) accidently ran over a football player with his RV. The other players and Hoss the manager came to beat up Glenn. Wendy saved Glenn by throwing ball to the players and Hoss. Hoss hired Wendy to become a Football player for the Bobcats and Glenn is going to be Wendy's trainer.

Meanwhile, Courtney (Jackie Clarke) finds new assitants without using Wendy. She fired 3 texas girls and she hired Willie Nelson. Conor falls in love with a nice Texas girl, Shelby. They loved dancing, but the Reverend told Conor that dancing breaks the Texas law. During the football, Wendy got a bump on her head. Conor and Shelby were caught by Jackie (Catherine O'Hara) at Conor's bedroom.

The next day, Glenn tried out his electronic cowboy suit. Wendy wished she decided to quit. Conor and Shelby went a barn to hide, so they can dance. Then, the other Texas kids were joined in, but suddenly they all got caught by the Reverend. Conor decided that he would never dance ever again. But, Jackie wants Conor to follow his dreams and he will do it.

That night, Wendy and the Bobcats were playing against Tony the Cyborg. Wendy felted scared and Glenn saved Wendy by making Tony being electric shock with his electronic cowboy suit. Conor and the Texas kids were dancing for Texas, the people were dancing as well. Willie Nelson quited the job from Courtney by joining in. Reverend was so angry and tries to warn the people. Conor was upset, because Shelby was already had a boyfriend. After the Martin family leaves by drove the RV, an earth cracks opened from the Gates of Hell.


  • (Last lines)

Reverend: (the gates of Hell appears) I WARNED YOU!


  • Couertney: Dad, I think you ran over a player.

(Glenn saw the Bobcats and Hoss are going to beat him up)

Glenn: Uh oh, it's toilet time.


  • Mom in the crowd: (scream) It's a monster!

Tony the Cyborg: It's me, Mommy. Don't cry.


  • (After Conor felled on a giant soup pot)

Jackie: Conor!

Glenn: Don't worry. He's wearing a hair net.


  • (In the flasback, Glenn was dipped in the toilet being held by two bullies. 25 years ago)

Glenn: Why...

(cut to 15 years ago)

Glenn: ...don't you...

(cut to Yesterday)

Glenn: me?!