Dr. Bernard is a Dentistry, but he was dead in his firs

episode, The Tooth shall set you free. When Russ Niro took over Glenn's job and his RV, he hired Dr. Bernard.


Glenn planned to fight against Russ to fix his teeth again, after he make Russ's teeth fall out 13 years ago. (It's the day when Conor was born)

During the Dentist work, Russ helded Dr. Bernard with strings on him like a puppet. Glenn accidently broked the glass window from the ceiling and felled on the patient (Old lady) and leaves.

Glenn and Russ began to fight each other and they accidently pushed the lever to make the Rv move. When Dr. Bernard move with strings on him, Glenn thought Dr. Bernard was helping to drive the RV. The RV bumped by a stone on the stone, Dr. Bernard's butt was sticking out the window and shows it to the police cop in a police car. The RV was crashed to the sanked.

Jackie, Conor, Courtney, Wendy, Canine and the police cops rushed to the edge of the water. Glenn and Russ were survied expect Dr. Bernard, well he floated back to the surface. The police thought Bernard was trying to get away, so they shot him. Then, he got ran over by a Shrimping boat and his body was in pieces.

Death causes:Edit

  1. He was stabbed with a jab on his back by Glenn. (accident)
  2. He was shot by the police cops.
  3. He was shreddered by a Shrimping boat.