Conor Horace Martin is a dim-witted 13 year old son of the Martin's. When he lacks intelligence he makes up for the raging of his hormones. When he isn't thinking about girls, he's thinking about women. Who can blame him for marrying an Amish spinster? Or dressing like a woman to enter a boxing tournament? Or climbing a cell phone tower to bury his face off?

Character Biography Edit

Conor wears brown pants and a pale shirt. He wears converse shoes. He has jet black curly hair and green eyes. He wears braces like Courtney. He is first seen with his mom and sister when Glenn pulls up the RV, he is wearing an orange shirt and pajama pants with dinosaur slippers,impressed with his dad. He is very dumb but makes up for it with girls.


Conor's name starts with a c like his sister's. Gee who knew.

He dated Wendy.

He was married to an Amish spinster.