amish aunguish is the second episode of glenn martin dds season one it aired on august 24 2009


glenn and jackie try to get their kids to look at a waterfall but connor is too busy playing a murderous video game and courtney and wendy are texting each other they even miss a guy falling down the waterfall in a barrel after going there glenn relizes that electricity is pulling the kids out of the real world but jackie tries to tell glenn that he has always been obsessed with electricity but glenn ignores her and takes away everyones gadgets and connor has become deaf the children soon go crazy so glenn takes them to an amish town where he is greeted by a man named heckikiah glenn starts to bond with him and his friends and tries to teach his family the lesson and throws the keys into a field heckikiah warns glenn never to take pictures because to them photography is an offence to god courtney and wendy soon become bored while heckikiah tells glenn that because connor is 13 he is a man in front of the amish and is forced to marry a beautiful 16 year old named spinister sturburd jackie and the girls are shocked hearing this and glenn relizes that he has gone too far and electricity is the answer glenn gets the rvs keys out of the field but canine eats them glenn is able to stop the wedding just in time while jackie courtney and wendy try to save the keys courtney threatens canine with a weapon making him so scared he poops the keys out glenn takes pictures of the amish with his phone making them all panic glenn grabs connor and runs to the rv with the rest of the family and drive away connor at least finally gets to see spinisters hair but two people still run after them on a horse drawn carrige but courtney and wendy stop them by throwing barrels [that they made] at them glenn confesses to connor about his classic ways but connor shouts at him for ruining his wedding but connor becomes immeadiently delighted when glenn gives him his video game back jackie is also delighted that glenn has walked into the digital age and glenn tells her to drive very fast saying there going back to the future they then go so fast they make fire and their licsence plate falls off